5 Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager

When our team at Southwest Mountain Realty meets with a property owner or renter for the first time, we tend to hear this one question the most often: Why? Why work with professional property managers, and what does it really bring to me and my business? Well, that is a very important question and one we’re happy to discuss!

Tenant Quality

No matter what anyone else ever tells you, tenants are the lifeblood of your property investment or landlord business. Good, trustworthy, and respectful tenants mean minimal wear and tear on your properties, rarely late rent, and the knowledge that your properties are in good hands. Property managers typically offer tenant screening and rigorous application processes, and through our trained and experienced eyes, we can weed out the troublesome tenants with ease.

Tenant Retention

Once your properties are routinely filled, you want to keep those great tenants for as long as possible. What do you need to get that? You need services that are responsive to tenant maintenance needs and specialists who can act as an effective liaison between troublesome tenants or potential problems. Property managers have been doing this for a long time, and we know how to keep tenants happy!

Greater Marketing Presence

Social media, traditional advertising, and a community voice—all three of these play a massive role in the continued success (and potential growth) of your property business. Property managers ensure they are uniquely adept at navigating all forms of marketing, helping you build a great relationship with tenants and the community as a whole.

Bookkeeping & Documentation Perks

Aside from maybe the occasional problematic tenant, what would you say eats up the majority of your time? We would guess organizing documents, bookkeeping, and crunching numbers. Stop stressing over it and hire professionals who can handle it all! No more missing papers or off numbers when it comes tax time. Just smooth sailing and less stress for you.

More Time

Owning property can be one of the most rewarding investments or ventures anyone can take. But properties, and sometimes tenants, are notorious time eaters. It can be hard to take a breath, let alone devote any attention to growing your business (or even just relaxing and enjoying what you’ve accomplished). How does a team devoted to ensuring all of the aspects of your business run smoothly sound to you? Good? We think so, too.

Property Management Services in Phoenix & Queen Creek, AZ

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