6 Things to Consider Before Signing a Lease

You’ve found your rental property in Arizona, and everything seems fine. Here you are, ready to sign the lease, and then that little voice chimes in: “Is this really the right place?” Ever had this happen to you, or afraid it might once you start looking? If so, don’t stress—you don’t have to do this alone!

The agents at Southwest Mountain Realty have been at it for a long, long time now (over 20 years, in fact!). We want to ensure the rental property you choose isn’t just a place to hang your hat. We want it to feel like your home. And to find that, we’ve got six quick and easy tips to help you out before you put pen to paper on that lease.

6 Things to Do Before You Sign a Lease

Like most things, the best efforts you can put in all have to do with preparation and a little bit of good old fashion knowledge:

  1. Take your time. It is very easy to rush into a lease. Some of the less savory landlords (or ones that just have poor salesmanship) tend to sell really hard, and if you even sort of like the place, you might get a bit too quick on the draw. Take a good, solid amount of time to investigate the space, feel things out, shop around—this is a place you want to live for a while, not regret living in for the next six months to a year.
  2. Learn about the area. Ideally, you’ll be making this space your home for years. Do you like the neighborhood? Do you have access to all of the things you need to live comfortably, like shopping and transportation? Is the neighborhood a happy one? Learn about your location and be sure you’re getting the spot that is perfect for you.
  3. Learn about the landlord or property owner. Not everyone is a good landlord. There are some folks out there who just do bad business or are neglectful. There are even quite a few scammers out there! Take a moment to learn about your landlord. Find reviews online or speak to previous tenants who seem unbiased.
  4. Ask lots of questions. Collecting information is vital. A responsive, helpful landlord is usually a good one, and there’s some information you’ll definitely want. Ask about the electrical and plumbing history of the space (you may even go as far as inspecting it yourself), ask about the history of the rental space, and anything else that may seem important to your comfort.
  5. Clarify the lease and read the whole thing. Leases are very often long and loaded with fine print and vague statements (which are actually ingredients for a bad lease). Reading them is certainly a chore, but it’s an important chore. Don’t get caught with something you didn’t read or didn’t understand!
  6. Work with professionals. Or, you could just avoid the stress altogether. Enlisting professional rental agents is a great way to get exactly what you want. Teams like the ones at Southwest Mountain Realty prioritize your satisfaction and needs above everything else and have the experience and knowledge of the area you need. It’s both our pleasure and our job!

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