What to Do When a Renter Abandons Your Rental Property

Short of outright vandalism or legal-action style situations, property abandonment can be one of the most frustrating, confusing, and trying parts of being a residential property owner. The situation is also quite delicate, too, and how you handle it is going to potentially impact your business in big ways. Want to know how to handle […]

How Do I Start Investing in Rental Properties?

There are just as many ways to invest your money as there are to earn it. While there are no guarantees of a return, some investments are less risky than others, particularly those that are spread out over the long term. Real estate is a common choice for many, who opt to own their own […]

How to Rent Your Home Without Being a Landlord

Whether the decision to rent your home is the result of your purchasing an investment property or is circumstantial, such as an inheritance, work transfer, or lag in the real estate market, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. In addition to the monthly rental income and equity you’ll gain from your rental property, […]

Benefits of Investing in an Income Property

For many business owners in Arizona, the idea of choosing investment property has been gaining popularity quite rapidly. Why? Because when handled well, an investment property can provide unequaled profits, while also giving the business owner total carte blanche over how the asset is handled and the “end goal” expectations. At Southwest Mountain Realty, we’ve […]