How to Get Your Property Ready for Rental

One of the most essential parts of operating a successful property rental or investment business lies in keeping turnover to a minimum and tenant retention rates as high as possible. Of course, no business relationship will last forever, and eventually your tenants will move out. This is why, whether you’re a newcomer to rental property or an expert in the field, understanding how to get a property rent-ready as soon as possible is a vital skill.

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The Essentials of Making a Space Rent-Ready

Though you certainly want to make your property preparations as swift as possible, you do not want to rush! The quality of your property is one of the most important things when attracting ideal tenants, so be sure to follow along with these general guidelines:

  • Assess and list. Every good and efficient task starts with a solid to-do list. Order your tasks from most urgent to least, starting with any structural, electrical, or HVAC systems and ending with possible upgrades or aesthetic improvements.
  • Change keys and inspect any security. Even if you and your previous tenant parted on good terms, it’s wise to change keys and locks with every tenant rotation. It’s a question of tidiness and security, and doing so can save you a lot of stress and potential trouble.
  • Repair any structural issues. Renting property with structural issues is a good way to not only damage your reputation, but also to open up a world of stress for you and your upcoming tenant. Ensure the roof is in good shape, walls are clean, flooring and steps are safe and clean, and that all windows and doors are secure.
  • Schedule professional interior cleaning. A clean interior attracts good tenants and sets a clean slate for any upcoming care stipulations in your new lease. Carpet cleaning, repainting, bathroom/kitchen cleaning, and others are all quite important.
  • Spruce up your landscape or exterior. A really great rental property has to be much more than just serviceable. It needs to be attractive and appealing at first glance, meaning the landscape should be clean-cut and healthy.
  • Market effectively. Once the property is squared away, you want to begin marketing as soon as possible, using the strongest marketing tools available to you. This can mean seeking the aid of knowledgeable property managers with a focus on marketing techniques, social media marketing, print marketing, and more.

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Getting your properties in good order before re-renting (or even renting for the first time) can be monumentally stressful and time consuming. If you’re looking for an efficient way to get your property rent-ready, the experts at Southwest Mountain Realty can help! We’ve been offering superior property management, marketing, and realty services in the Phoenix metro area for decades.

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