How Long Does It Take to Evict a Tenant in Phoenix?

In absolutely no world is eviction a desirable outcome and resolution of a tenant’s lease. But unfortunately, the reality is that sometimes folks just need to go, and you need a means of taking care of it. Unfamiliar with the eviction process in Arizona, and looking for some reliable information? Well then, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Quick Need-to-Know About Eviction in Arizona

Firstly, and this is very important when it comes time to carry out a dispute with a tenant, make eviction your last resort! Eviction is a lengthy, stressful, and expensive process. It is far simpler and far better for your business to resolve issues rather than pursue legal action. This is why communication with tenants is so critical to the health of your business!

Additionally, be absolutely certain that you have an appropriate cause. Petty disputes don’t hold up in a legal dispute, and you could find yourself on the wrong side of the issue if you’re not careful.

However with that in mind, sometimes eviction is the only way to go. Keep in mind that while you might be familiar with the eviction process in another state, each state is different! You want to be absolutely sure you’re going by the local book.

Before the actual eviction process begins (in most cases), the landlord or manager must provide written notice and allow a specified period of time to pass. The process changes a little bit depending on the offense in question, so let’s start there:

  • Violations of the lease. In these cases, we’re talking about specific violations of stipulations within the lease. These can be providing inaccurate information, harboring unspecified additional tenants or pets, providing an incorrect social security number, etc. These require the delivery of a notice that gives the tenant ten (10) days to rectify the problem.
  • Property damage and nonpayment. Both of these are five (5) day notice cases and include any lack of payments, damages to the property, risks to the health of the space, tenants, or other affected tenants on the property.

In extreme cases (primarily those involving crime), a notice might be foregone, but keep in mind that this is rare. Once the notice has time has passed, the landlord or property manager can then file for an eviction. When this happens, a court date and case number will be set, and a summons will be issued to the offending tenant. You or an appropriate affiliated party must serve the summons and proper documents to the tenant.

It’s also worth noting that a dismissal can be filed at any time, provided the grievance or dispute has been satisfactorily resolved, or if the tenant vacates before the court date.

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