How to Avoid Rental Scams in Phoenix

The fact that scams are a legitimate issue at all is really very upsetting. But no matter how indignant we may be about it, fact is it happens. Every single year hundreds or even thousands of renters are cheated out of hard-earned cash. It has actually become so much of an epidemic that many renters are just outright scared of renting! But you needn’t worry with our experts at your side.

Southwest Mountain Realty has been a trusted provider of rental and realty services to clients all across Phoenix for well ever 20 years now. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you get exactly what you’re looking for, and we can guarantee you never run into a scam!

Next time you rent in the Phoenix area, avoid the risk and contact our experts!

What Are the Most Common Rental Scams?

Part of avoiding something is just knowing what it is in the first place. So what are the biggest and baddest scams out there? They’re actually pretty diverse, ranging from complex to the simplest of scare tactics:

  • Bad business. The simplest scam of all time is just a plain old bad landlord. These folks will come up with any excuse to keep your deposit, essentially taking your money and just cutting you loose.
  • Fee skimming. These scammers charge nasty, obscene rates for applications and background checks and make off with your cash.
  • Outright identity theft. Some of the wiser (and thus more insidious) scammers will take legitimate ads off of a website and change the contact information to pose as the landlord.

How to Avoid Rental Scams

Your best bet is always going to be enlisting the assistance of a professional realty team. Experts like those at Southwest Mountain Realty have a wide knowledge base of the housing in the area and are savvy enough to spot a scammer a mile away. But there are some simple tips you can employ as well, including:

  • Always meet your landlord in person. A face to face rules out overseas scammers outright, first off. Secondly, it’s a lot harder to run a con in person, helping you to identify a shyster.
  • Be wary of pressure tactics. If the landlord seems totally bent on getting your money or sells a little too hard, that’s plenty reason enough to take a step back and call things off. At least until you can verify that the landlord’s business is legitimate.
  • Do your homework. The internet is an excellent resource for those looking to dodge scam artists. Real businesses don’t just pop up out of nowhere, and a simple search engine can often give you the landlord’s information, as well as possibly even identifying their property management team.
  • Cash is an absolute no. It is about to be 2017. Cash is no longer necessary for the most part, and in fact can land you in more trouble than it’s worth. If your potential property owner is pushing for cash only, you’ve got yourself a red flag right off the bat.

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