Where Should I Live In the Phoenix Area?

Deciding to make the move to Phoenix, as you probably know, is not the hard part. The Phoenix metro area is positively alive with potential and opportunities abound. No, deciding on making the move isn’t hard. It’s the deciding where in Phoenix to move that is difficult. The Valley of the Sun is absolutely massive, and between all of the nearby communities and counties, you may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

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A Quick & Easy Look at Where to Live in Phoenix

Rather than focus solely on location name-dropping (though we’ll do some of that, too), let’s focus more specifically on what it is you’re looking for.

What Is Your Family Situation?

Are you making the move as a single adult, a family of two, or are there children? This is a critically important question, because it drastically impacts your decision making. Families with children want to be in good, healthy school districts, and that consideration can help you narrow down your choices somewhat.

Our picks for single-living – If you intend to live the young and single (or young couple) life, there’s really nothing like Phoenix proper. Tons to do, vibrant city life, and all of the fun you could ever want to find. For a similar but more tempered option, Chandler, AZ is also excellent.

Our picks for family life – This is going to depend on plenty of other factors, too, including whether or not you like the small-town, tight-knit feel (Queen Creek or Florence) or a more busy lifestyle with ample job opportunities (Mesa or Tempe).

Business or Pleasure?

If your move is work related, the odds are good that your decision will be largely based on opportunity and availability. In this case you are likely looking for busy, dense, and commercially developed areas, or depending on your expertise, you may seek out areas that need what you have to offer.

More relaxed, less dense areas can include Maricopa, Queen Creek, or possibly Surprise for something “in the middle.”

Busier, commercially dense areas include Mesa and Chandler, as well as Tempe and Phoenix central.

Getting the Help You Need with Southwest Mountain Realty

As you can tell, the question is a good, but difficult one! Where should you live in Phoenix? Where can I find what I want in Phoenix homes? Vital questions, and ones best answered by working with experienced professionals that have been operating in the phoenix area for decades. And you know what? That’s us!

We offer a variety of tools and resources to potential Phoenix movers, and please feel free to use these. Helpful resources include our area and neighborhood guides, as well as our pages dedicated to moving to Phoenix.

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