Move In Checklist (What To Do After You Move)

So, you’ve completed your big move to the Phoenix area! You decided what area suited you best, made the plans, took the trip, and now you’re here. But what now? Rejoice? Take a well-deserved rest? Absolutely! But before you start settling too much, there are some things you should be sure get done.

The agents at Southwest Mountain Realty have helped countless homeowners find the ideal place to call home over the past two decades. We’re old hands at settling in and ensuring things are all in order, and today we want to help ensure you complete your move as comfortably as possible.

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Your Phoenix Move-In Checklist

Don’t worry too much; these are all relatively quick and simple. Completing your move is mostly about prepping your space and ensuring nothing got lost in the relocation, and you’ll be done and settled in no time.

  1. Build a list. We have no intention of lying—lists aren’t fun. But they are exceptionally useful, and can ensure you don’t miss anything vital. Even some of the small stuff on this checklist can really mess things up for you if ignored or forgotten, so start up a to-do that you can accomplish over the coming days.
  2. Take inventory. Is every box accounted for? Is every item in the boxes checked? Moves are loud, fast, and busy, and it’s exceptionally easy to have forgotten something or not noticed when something was broken. Plus if the problem was with your movers, you’ll want to get back to them asap.
  3. Officially change your address. The sooner you can get your mail redirected, the better. Ideally you would do this before actually stepping into your home, but it’s often one of those things that just gets done when it gets done. Luckily you can do this online within minutes now, which is a huge time saver.  
  4. Secure utilities. Make sure you contact your power company, gas, HVAC technicians if needed, etc. The first step to making a home your home is ensuring it’s functional, after all.
  5. Register your vehicle/get a new driver’s license. Staying street legal helps you avoid a lot of problems and potential stressors. Check in with your local DMV to find out exactly what you need.
  6. Organize emergency numbers. Compile a list of local police, emergency service providers, the fire department, poison control, et cetera. While you’re at it now is a good time to establish a primary care provider as well.
  7. Explore! It’s a big new world! We know you’re tired, but once you’ve recouped get out there and fall in love with your city. Be it Chandler, Mesa, Queen Creek, or anywhere else in the Phoenix area we know you’ll love it.

Making Moves with Southwest Mountain Realty

We would like to welcome you to The Valley of the Sun! We love our area, and we know you will, too. If you haven’t made your move, but are thinking about making the Phoenix area your home, contact our agents today, or check out our moving resources!