What Needs to Be Included in Your Rental Lease Agreement?

Whether you’re looking to rent a home, a condo, or an apartment, there’s always this moment of tension when you start nailing things down with your landlord. That moment for most is reading over (and the eventual signing of) the lease. Need help navigating your lease, or looking for some tips of what you should be able to find on a good lease? Let the expert realtors at Southwest Mountain Realty give you a hand!

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Why Are Leases Scary?

Because a lease is a legally-binding contract. It’s rife with words we don’t use on a day to day basis, which makes it feel much heavier than many other things we encounter. And it can often be hard to understand, laden with industry-specific jargon. The concern and trepidation is absolutely understandable!

But the best way to take the sting out of the whole deal is to understand what your eyes need to see, which is why we’re having this little sit down right now. Don’t worry, it’s actually a lot simpler than it all appears to be.

Things That Should 100% Be On a Lease

  • Clarity. Before we dive into specific items at all it’s important to state that your lease should be abundantly clear. And if anything isn’t clear, then the landlord/manager should be able to clarify with little trouble. If they grumble or refuse to stop being vague, either get someone who can translate what you’re unclear on for you, or go ahead and move on.
  • Specification of term. First up, is this a month-to-month rent or a fixed length lease? This differentiates between a six month lease, year lease, or if you’re staying on an unspecified month to month basis (which FYI is usually more expensive per-month to offset the risks for the landlord).
  • All deposits and fees. Don’t let a landlord play magician and start poofing oddball fees by word of mouth alone. If they expect you to pay for something, it has to be clearly specified in the lease agreement.
  • Clarity on the landlord’s right to entry. Right to entry rules vary from state to state, but knowing when/if/why your landlord can enter your rental property is vitally important.
  • Defined maintenance and repairs expectations. As a tenant you’re typically expected to maintain the property in some measure or another. Most frequently this includes normal things like lawn care, keeping tidy, etc. In some rare cases the landlord might expect a little more, and if they do it has to be on the lease agreement.
  • Specifications on pets. “No dogs, no cats” is pretty clear. But if you start straying into “no large dogs” or other vague statements you can wind up at odds with your landlord. Make sure it’s all as clearly defined as possible.

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