What Is the Best Time of Year to Move to Arizona?

We’re never short on encouraging things to say to our clients looking to make the move to the Phoenix, AZ, area. We love it here, and we’re sure you and your family will, too! But once you decide to start taking steps, one sticking point will always come up: when should you move? Fall? Spring? Does it matter? Follow along with our experienced realty team while we detail the ideal times to successfully move to Arizona!

It Depends on Your Goals

There are two big ways to look at the “when” if we’re talking about moving at a specific time. One is, of course, the weather. Two is whether or not time frames can affect your purchasing price (which it absolutely can). While it’s important to point out that there is no bad time to move to Phoenix and the surrounding areas, there are some peak opportunities.

When the Weather Is Best

While there are a lot of great and new things to be had in a move, there’s no doubting that it can also be a tremendous headache. Planning is vital, and even something as seemingly small as funky weather can make a move harder. This is why, when asked, our agents tend to suggest new homeowners and home seekers plan for a move in the between seasons—early spring and late fall.

Fall is great because the heavy moisture and rains we see in late June and early July are long past, and our temperate late year weather starts to be a great asset for clear days and manageable temperatures. Spring is also nice, both because it’s beautiful around here during the spring and because the summer weather isn’t quite kicking thermostats up to scary numbers.

But…Don’t Neglect a Potential Deal

All of the above said, it’s also important to note how real estate and the housing market works throughout the year. Spring tends to be the busiest time for real estate. This presents you with both an opportunity and a problem at the same time. Spring is when there are tons of houses going up for sale, so you have a lot of options to choose from. But, this also means you’ll be seeing a lot of competition, which can drive up prices and potentially create frustrating situations.

Starting in late summer and pushing onward into the fall and winter months, you potentially have less to choose from, but you’re also more likely to land a better deal, which can sometimes make the difference between snagging your dream home and picking a place that’s just “good enough.”

Find a Real Estate Agency You Can Trust in Queen Creek, AZ

If you were hoping for a cut and dry answer, we’re sorry that it’s not quite that simple! The fact of the matter is that the housing market moves and shifts all the time. Some of it is predictable, but in the end, your best bet is to work with experienced and seasoned agents that know Arizona and can help you fulfill your goals effectively.

That’s where Southwest Mountain Realty comes in! Contact us online today to find out more about moving to the Phoenix area, or give an agent a call today by dialing 480-237-9979!