Property Management FAQ

If you own an investment property in Phoenix, AZ, professional property management is helpful as you seek to make it as profitable as possible. At Southwest Mountain Realty, we’ve found that our property management clients often have questions about what this process entails. We’ve compiled a list of frequent questions and their answers that will help you choose the right management services for your needs.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Property Management in Phoenix, AZ

Do I need a property manager?

A property manager can help you manage and operate investment property. These professionals know how to perform everything from property maintenance to tenant communication effectively. The result is a less overwhelming process as you enjoy the profitability of investment properties. If you find yourself lacking the knowledge or time to manage your properties well, then you need a property manager.

How much rent can I get for my property?

The amount your property can bring in for rent depends on several factors. Local market conditions, the size and condition of the property, and the cost of nearby rentals will all play a role. A property management team can help you understand these factors and choose a rental price that fits your property and the local market.

How can I avoid bad tenants?

One of the benefits of working with a property manager is to help with tenant screening. Southwest Mountain Realty has been in the area since 2006, and we know how to screen tenants to help avoid the risk of a bad one. We also keep tabs on the property, so you can take proactive measures if needed to protect your property.

What does a property manager do?

Our property management services include a wide range of help for your investment property. You can trust us for everything from answering tenant phone calls to arranging for a maintenance pro to come to the property when the toilet stops working. We also screen tenants, market vacancies, and help with the bookkeeping necessary when you own a rental home.

What kinds of properties can a property manager help with?

Property managers help with all types of rental properties. In the residential rental market, we can help with apartments, single-family rentals, and multi-family homes. Though each of these property types does have slightly different needs, we know how to meet them well and have the experience to put to work for you.

How can I find a quality rental property management company?

When hiring a rental property management company, you’ll want to look into the company’s experience, their portfolio of rental properties, their list of management services, and the management contract itself. Look for a company that offers the management services you need and has a fair, easy-to-understand management contract. Try to find a company with a lot of local industry experience.

Why should I choose Southwest Mountain Realty for Phoenix-area property management?

Southwest Mountain Realty has extensive experience in the local market. We have an extensive list of management services and fair contracts that will help you maximize your investments. Our goal is for you to find success.

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