Rental Services + Tenant Portal


If you are interested in renting a residence from one of our affiliated owners, please fill out the application.

Pay Rent

Conveniently pay your rent online each month. Avoid late fees by setting up automatic rent payments.

Request Maintenance

Our maintenance team is here to help you remain comfortable and to keep your residence functional at all times. Requests are addressed within an hour of the call. If there is an issue with your property, contact us as soon as possible.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Property-furnished appliance repair. If an appliance furnished by your property manager malfunctions by no fault of yours, notify our team right away so we can get you the appropriate services.
  • HVAC services. Your comfort is critically important, and in Arizona, HVAC is absolutely necessary for comfortable living. If you’ve lost heating or cooling, give us a call.
  • Electrical maintenance. Electrical malfunction, breaker failure, wiring complications—these are all emergencies. Contact us quickly so our contractors handle them immediately.
  • Structural damage. Report storm damage and signs of general structural wear so we can find the right contractor to handle the needs of your building quickly.
  • Security risks. Risks like fire detector failure or door lock damage are critical issues. Please notify us if you notice any malfunction.
  • Emergency services. Have an emergency not on the list? Contact our team and find a solution. If it is a true emergency, call 911. 

Please be a responsible tenant

Follow the stipulations of your lease regarding your duties as far as the rental property is concerned, and please:

  • Keep your property clean and clear of waste
  • Utilize your amenities responsibly
  • Repair damages generated at your fault
  • Perform normal household maintenance habits (HVAC filter changing where applicable, etc)
  • If stipulated in your lease, care for your landscape and keep it presentable

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